Fall Season

Fall is a festive time of year with the crisp cool air and beautiful colors. There are several things that can be done around your home to enhance your fall look. Seasonal color and containers are a couple of ways to accomplish this.

There are several plants that perform very well in containers. Pansies and Violas are two annuals that do well from early fall to late spring. They come in many colors often associated with fall. Croton, or Josephs coat, is also a great fall choice with multicolored leaves. Cassia is another beautiful yellow fall bloomer. Mums are always a great fall staple. Others include edibles such as red chard and purple kale.

Many of these can be planted directly into planting beds as long as they are well drained. Most perform best with full sun. Pick your spot-prepare your soil-layer your plants according to mature heights and add mulch, slow release fertilizer and water.

Containers can be used to create stunning displays at home entries, traffic areas and entertaining areas. Dont forget to include things like chopped cornstalks, millet, eucalyptus and wheat straw bales to complete your display.

These are just a few ideas of the many out there to make your fall season a great one. Happy fall and as always give Earthscapes a call if you need our help with your fall display.

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