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A benefit of choosing EarthScapes Services as your full-service landscape contractor is that you get exactly what you want. Our complete service ranges from design and installation to maintenance and horticultural recommendations that help you maintain your home in the southern tradition.

Landscape Design and Installation

Residential Services

A warm and humid climate enhances the beauty of fragrant and colorful flowers that attract birds, butterflies and admiring glances from neighbors. We design landscapes that blend plants, shrubs, trees, borders and containers with hardscape elements. As we offer our extensive experience in landscape design, we listen carefully to your preferences to create the effect that you want. We complete our installations as neatly as possible so that you can see the beauty as it develops throughout your yard.

Landscape Maintenance

Professional care for your landscape ensures the aesthetic beauty that enhances your home. By eradicating weeds, we prevent seeds from sprouting. Our expertise in pruning removes overgrowth and helps shrubs bloom more often. Our maintenance throughout the year includes mulching and weeding of flower beds.

Hardscape Design and Installation

Introducing inanimate elements into your landscape produces dramatic contrasts that enhance the elegance of your home. Wood, concrete and stone surfaces provide a backdrop for delicate greenery and colorful flowers while creating interesting focal points. Pathways provide hard edges as they lead to patios or courtyard walls that create private areas for entertaining or relaxing. As an essential part of landscape design, hardscapes develop dimension and depth that increase property value.

Outdoor Areas (Fireplaces and Kitchens)

As a gathering place for entertaining your family and friends, an outdoor kitchen or fireplace has no equal. Small areas near an arbor or in a patio offer space for a built-in barbecue grill. A fully equipped kitchen can provide access to several grills, bars, refrigeration, sinks and countertops. Fire pits provide almost endless fascination, and custom shapes provide room for guests to enjoy while visiting and sharing a drink fireside.

Pergolas and Gazebos

Shade makes spending time outside during the summer months enjoyable, and either a pergola or a gazebo can provide it. With a solid roof, a gazebo has walls and seating in an outdoor living space. A pergola uses slats for a roof and allows sunlight to fill the area. Both provide an inviting environment for gathering with friends and family. Providing a center of activity invites everyone to gather and enjoy the company of others.

Irrigation Design and Installation

Our landscape design coordinates the varying amount of water that flower beds, lawns, shrubs and trees require. We install automatic irrigation systems underground and regulate them with a timer. Plants and grasses that require large volumes of water can receive it while less thirsty plantings avoid the excess.

Grading and Drainage

ECreating slopes in a landscape can direct water away from your home’s foundation through contours and swales. Plants prefer drained soils that do not allow water to stand, and grading can provide the drainage that creates ideal growing conditions.

Fertilization Programs

A combination of proper watering and our custom fertilization program creates the key to making your yard the one that everyone admires. The roots of grass, trees and shrubs need nutrients to produce a healthy system. The right amount of water carries the nutrients deeply into the soil and prevents the roots from coming to the surface. Applications of fertilizer four times a year provide the nutrients that lawns require.

Chemical Programs/Applications

Our lawn care chemical programs can provide a boost during any season of the year. Products that can deter weeds and eradicate insects help prevent damage to grass and shrubs. Preventive maintenance on a monthly or quarterly basis helps ensure the healthy growth of landscape plantings.


By punching holes in the ground in an orderly pattern, aeration improves the health of lawns. As the tool rolls across the grass, it removes plugs of soil and opens a path for nutrients, air and water to reach the roots. An essential benefit of aeration is the alternative that it provides to compaction, a process that inhibits root growth. Walking and driving cars or lawn tractors on grass contributes to contraction, but aeration can reverse the effects.


A thin layer of soil and compost delivers nutrients to lawns and improves the quality of the underlying soil. We recommend applying a layer of topdressing in combination with aeration to allow nutrients and microbes to reach the roots and enrich them. We take a personal interest in your landscape, and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you. For the finest in southern landscaping and lawn maintenance, call EarthScapes.

Lighting Fixtures

Lighting Fixtures are a unique way to get a gorgeous twist on your current landscaping projects. We provide some amazing lighting fixture projects specific for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you and your yard!

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